Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coleman's Homecoming

Christmas came early at the Farris House.  We had always been planning on getting a chihuahua someday.  But when we met our neighbors, The Coopers, our dreams became reality.  They were planning on breeding their chihuahua, Sweet Pea.  Turns out she did not get pregnant, but her sister, Sugar, did.  And their friend was the owner of both dogs (the dad's name is Gomez).  So, we drove up to Tioga to pick him out.  He was born on 10/10/10.  So he was not ready to come home just yet. 

Yesterday, we decided to go visit him and I was surprised when we were able to take him home.  We named him Coleman, like the lantern.  Scully doesn't pay much attention to him, which is a good thing.  And he doesn't notice her yet either.  Hopefully, when he is bigger, we can introduce them.

Coleman is in the middle.  He is about 2-3 weeks old here.

I can't tell which one he is.

Me holding Coleman after we picked him out.

Cute wrinkle face.

Coleman is the one on the left.

Coleman 4 weeks old.

Coleman all ready loves his papa!

First family pic with Coleman.

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