Monday, October 18, 2010

State Fair of Texas 2010

We never really go to the State Fair.  But a guy at my work gave us 1 free ticket, so we decided to check it out this year.  We went on the very last day.  David stopped to talk to a guy in the parking lot, so he ended up getting us into the fair for free.  We got there at 9 AM, thinking we would beat the crowd.  We did beat the crowd because nothing was open yet!  So we wandered around for a while until the Tom Landry exhibit opened.  It was short, but they had a lot of things that belonged to the great Cowboys coach, like his Superbowl rings.  We had to go talk to people in the Ford truck area.  None of which knew any answers to the technical questions David had about the new diesel engines.  The petting zoo, mainly for kids, was good times.  They had more than just the average goats and pigs.  After that, we rode the ferris wheel.  Then it was time for lunch.  There was so many choices.  We went for the Fried Chocolate.  It was so good!  I wander to get another one, but we didn't have enough tickets.  We ate the free samples in the Food & Fiber Barn instead.  After that, we saw the dog show and bird show.  Then we called it a day. 

Big Tex.

Me and Big Tex

Giraffe at the Petting Zoo.

Me faking out the giraffe like I have food.

David and a cute goat.

Camel and Baby Camel.


Ostrich, yummy...



Me and the little zebra.


A random lady feeding a baby cow.

Little piggies.

Kangaroo baby.

Tom Landry's rings.

Tom Landry's golf clubs.

Tom Landry's hat.

The ferris wheel.

The largest ferris wheel in North America.

The Cotton Bowl from the ferris wheel.

The Farrises on the wheel.

Fried Chocolate.  It was sooo good.

David with our $20 meal.

Hawk at the bird show.

In one of those cars up top is a hawk that flew out to the stage.

Albino hawk.

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