Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mini Adventure

My softball game was canceled on Tuesday. So since it was only 88 degrees, David and I hopped in the Bronco and set off to explore new words. Actually, we just went to a pond off of I-35 and Sandy Lake. We went off roading a little and David fished. I played solitaire on my phone. It was very peaceful except for the sounds of the nearby shooting range. We saw a whole menagerie of wildlife, surprisingly. We saw turtles, a coyote, and a bobcat. I thought the bobcat was going to come over to us. David topped off the whole evening by climbing up a highway underpass made of loose rocks in the Bronco. I think I screamed the whole way. It felt like a rickety Six Flags ride. This may be our only under 90 degrees day this year. I am glad I got to get out and enjoy it.

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