Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dirty 30!

June 22nd is my 30th birthday! I got a group of friends together to go to Benihana this weekend. I love hibachi Japanese food. David and I got to the Shops at Legacy early. So did Candice Hogan and Kevin Krantz, but they were early because they didn't get the message I change the reservation to 9 PM. But it worked out well because we had a drink and some chips at Taco Dinner first. We at the bar which was a secret room off the back of the restaurant. When the hostess brought us over there I was really confused because I couldn't see the door. It looked like it blended in with the wall. They had good margaritas and this salsa that was so hot I started crying. We drove back to Benihana in Kevin's car. Candice sat in Hugh's car seat. We met up with everyone else in the bar of Benihana. The McKinley's got me a tiara and Sean and Michelle got me a birthday sticker. Plus I had the beads that David's cousin gave him for his 30th birthday. So there was no mistaking it was my birthday! I got some other great presents like a Chuck Noris t-shirt from Dorian, a Mario Brothers t-shirt from David, and some gift cards from Sandy and Dirk. We sat at 3 tables. Our chef was Buddy from the Phillipines. He did the shrimp in the hat trick and the onion choo-choo train, but those were the only tricks. At the end, the staff sung to me and gave me some ice cream. It was good times. I am so glad that everyone could join me to celebrate!

Blow out the candles!

Benihana picture.

I am so cute in my tiara!

Dorian, Coffy, and Stephanie singing to me.

The softball table singing.

The very nice staff singing with John and Jan.

The McKinley's and Dorian.

Candice and Kevin watching their show.

Jake, Michelle, Sean, Sabrina (hidden), and Will getting ready to eat. Will ordered the lobster!

John and Jan.

Birthday couple!

What you talking about Willis?

Buddy's choo-choo.

Slicing and dicing.

Shrimp flip.

The McKinleys are so stylist!

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