Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Vacation

We went to my parent's house for our Christmas vacation. My Grandma and my sister were there too. We arrived on the day before Christmas Eve. I was feeling a little sick. but the end oft he day, both David and I had full-on colds. I was looking around my parents house for something to take. All they had was Nyquil that expired 2 years ago or DayQuil that expired 1 year ago. My dad told me it would be okay since it had never been open. Weirdo. On Christmas Eve, Dad, David and I went to go see The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was okay. We went to my mom's church for mass on Christmas Eve. While we were in church, someone papered the parking lot with flyers about submitting ourselves to the true religion of Islam. Real classy. Go ahead and put out all the literature you want, but do it on a better day than Christmas Eve when you know everyone is in church. That's just tacky. Anyway! Then it was present time! I got my Dad a DVD of logs burning. It may sound cheesey, but he really likes that channel. I got a bunch of cool stuff from my family. David got me an iPod charger and a Cricut die cut machine. Kate made me a magnet board. My parents gave me gift certificates and a Circut cartridge. Christmas was mellow. We didn't go anywhere. We watched movies and played Seinfeld Scene It. On Boxing Day, we went to St. Augustine to meet up with my cousin, Chelsea and my Aunt Susie. We couldn't see anyone else because of how sick we were. They had to stay home with Stacey's babies. After we ate dinner with them, we went on a ghost tour. I would have liked it to scariest, but I was so sick it wouldn't have mattered. We rode the trolley around the town and they told us about the different ghosts they have there. We left the next day. The airport was a madhouse. I thought we weren't going to be able to make it for a second. It was good vacation, I wish I could have enjoyed it more by not being so sick!

Canoeing on the pond in my parent's backyard.

More canoeing.

Grandma doing the dishes, even though I told her not to. :)

David in the living room.

A very artsy shot of us canoeing.

Family Xmas shot.

David and I by the tree.

The 'rents by the tree.

Very attractive...

Tree full of presents!

David is a gift to us all!

Puzzle time. They didn't finish it before I had to leave. So I couldn't put the last piece in. :(

Grammy pondering the puzzle.

All of us at the Monk's Tavern in St. Augustine.

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