Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bylthe's 3rd B-Day

Blythe's birthday was wonderful fun! The theme was Wonder Pets. I have never heard of them but they are like crack for kids. Even more than The Wiggles. Jodi went all out for this party, again! It was supposed to be outside, by Hurricane Ike messed that up. So, we went to the rec center and had the party in the Preschool room. The cake was professionally done. It was strawberry and chocolate with fondant icing. She hired a lady to bring in animals. They were so cute. The best one was called a sugar glider. I had never heard of that before. And of course, there was a pinata. Jodi swears next year will be more low key. But nobody believes her!

The cake. With fondant Wonder Pets on the top.

Tuck, the pinata.

Blythe on the rocker.

She's three!

Blythe in the tunnel.

Anaya and Coffy petting a naked rat.

Blythe hitting the pinata.

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