Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy 9th Scully!

Scully turns 9 years old today! He birthday present from me was a bath. I hope I never have to do that again! I told Scully to the vet yesterday for shots and teeth cleaning. The vet told me over and over again what a bad cat she was. Don't you think I know that? I had to buy a new carrier for her because it brook at the vet. I should have told them to put her towel inside so it smelled like her. When they finally got her in, I drove home. Since we moved, everything is farther and it takes forever to get anywhere. When we turned onto my street, she started screaming. And right before I turned into the apartment complex, I smelt it. Scully peed in her cage. Thank God it didn't get on my car seats! When I finally got her in the apartment, I tried to lock her in the bathroom. I got her wiped down with a wet towel and then she escaped! She climbed into my box spring under the mattress. I had to beat the bed with a broom for her to come out. I locked her in the bathroom again and waited for David to come home. It was a 2 person job to hold her down and wash her with Patene shampoo. We had to wear heavy leather gloves. Good thing they cut her fingernails. I should have taken pictures of her, but the whole thing was so stressful. When we finished, I combed her and feed her some wet food. Wet food is always a treat because she is on a diet. Hopefully her 10th birthday will be a little bit mellower.

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Colin Walker said...

I'm guessing that Scully probably had a similar expression...