Sunday, May 11, 2008

Anderson-Farris Summer Concert Series

We kicked off our "Summer Concert Series" this year with the Black Crowes at Taste Addison yesterday. I'll see anyone for $5! They were good, but they didn't play enough old stuff to keep our attention. David didn't know too much about them. When they got up there, David pointed to Chris Robinson and said, "He looks like Jesus." And he sure did. No sign of Kate Hudson at this gig. Too bad.

If we have enough time, we are going to go to the Wildflower Festival in Richardson on Saturday. Everclear, Eve 6, Pat Benetar, and Bret Michaels are playing. We already have our Stone Temple Pilot tickets for the end of June. And we will be making our 10th and 7th respective journeys to see the Reverend Horton Heat again this summer.

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