Sunday, March 16, 2008

Riding, Riding, Riding

Saturday, after the Easy Over Easy Egg Hunt, Coffy, Aubrie, and I went bike riding. We met at the Plano Senior Recreation Center on Harrington Park. I hadn't been out riding since David gave his bike away. Coffy said she had only rode her bike a few times and it had sat out side for a while. During the first 20 minutes, Coffy's chain locked up and we had to dislodge it with my keys. So, she was stuck in 2nd gear the whole time. Coffy and Aubrie wore helmets, but I refused to mess up my hair that way. We rode on the Chilsom Trail to Schimelpfenig Library and back. It was about 5.35 miles. It took us about an hour. We had such a great workout that we had to go pig out at Genghis Grill before we went home. Aubrie just bought a bike rack for her car, so hopefully we can make it a regular thing.

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