Monday, March 03, 2008

Girl Scout Camping in Paris

This weekend I went to Camp Gambill in Sumner, Texas right outside Paris. That is about 120 miles from Plano. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas were having a Dad and Me weekend. I had so much fun. It's a small, flat camp that is perfect for younger girls. The council people kept taking about how poorly maintained the camp was. I didn't notice that at all. There were only about 35 people, so they fit in one unit. They earned 3 badges. We did arts & crafts, a service project, and played games. The dads were really into doing lanyards and playing poker for beads. I lifeguarded while they canoed on Lake Gibbons for 2 hours. That was interesting. I was lifeguarding from a sit-on-top kayak. I am not the best kayaker. My butt got so wet. It was nice to be Inch Worm again for a weekend. I am going back next month for a Mom and Me weekend.

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