Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Night

Jodi had her Oscar party tonight. I arrived after work around 6:30 PM to see the red carpet show. Coffy, Stephanie Jackson, Stephanie King, Sandy, Brandy, and Cassandra were there. The red carpet wasn’t that interesting. I think everyone was wearing similar dresses. Elbert made us a wonderful feast of pizza, fried cheese sticks, fried zucchini, fruit, dip, and cookies. We drank sparkling wine. Blythe was the most active I have ever seen her. She is a fun kid. The show started at 7:30 PM. Jon Stewart hosted. He was as funny as he could be without offended the Hollywood royals. We had Oscar ballots that we filled out before the show started. Every category got one point except for a few. Supporting actor and actress got 3 each. Lead actor, actress, and best picture got 5 points. Then we switched them around to correct each others. No Country for Old Men kicked everyone’s butt all night. I haven't seen that one yet. At the end, Jodi had 20 point on her Oscar ballot. I had 18. She won the title of Oscar Night Master witch came with the glorious prize of nothing. (I didn't have time to pick anything up.) I so close! Maybe next year...

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