Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

When we were trying to figure out what to do for this year's Valentine's Day, we thought back to last year's holiday. Neither of us could remember what we did. I knew David bought me a necklace from James Avery. I even tried to look it up on this blog, but I didn't blog it last year. So, I had to make sure to blog it this year, so we can remember next year.

This year, I worked, since Valentine's Day was on a Thursday. At work, I had 2 bathroom emergency clean-ups and 1 fight that involved the cops. All in the spirit of love, of course. Yesterday, David and I celebrated by going to the Heard Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in the pouring rain. It is a cute little place in McKinney. They were having an exhibit on dinosaurs. It was mostly for kids. They had a nature walk outside with large animatronic dinosaurs that made noise. We started walking when it was just drizzling. Halfway through there was a few bolts of lightning and it really started to pour. We ran off the path and back to the museum. I had to stop before I reached shelter because I was laughing so hard. The people inside must have thought we were crazy for even coming that day. Then we went home and got cleaned up. We ate at The Butcher Shop in the West End. They let you cook your own steak there if you want. David had the "Cowboy" rib eye. I had the salmon topped with crab and shrimp. Yes, it was as fantastic as it sounds! We tried to go to a nice bar David knew of after dinner, but we could find it. So, we went to the Time Out Tavern. It was a little uncomfortable, but I had a new experimental drink that made it worth it. It was blueberry vodka with 7-up and a splash of cranberry. It was great.

I told David I only wanted chocolate this year for a gift. And good chocolate, not grocery store crap. He got me 2 boxes of Frango chocolates from Macy's. I used to gobble those up during Christmas time from the Bon Marche in Washington. His boss's wife, Elizabeth Lusk, made us cupcakes and the best chocolate covered strawberries I've had in a long time. She is such a great dessert cook! I got David a small box of Ghirardelli chocolates and an AutoZone gift card.

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