Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas At Home Away From Home

We went to Jacksonville, Florida last Sunday to see my parents, sister, and Grandma. The first day we were there was the only day it was "nice" all day. So we went to the beach and picked up some shells. The rest of the time, we stayed home mostly. We played games and watched the giant TV my dad got for his present. I think he said it was 52 inches. My Aunt Susie, Uncle Charlie, and cousins Andrew and Chelsea came over on the 26th. We ate pizza and took canoe rides. We put together a puzzle of a satellite picture of my Grandma's house. I am sure there will be more pictures too come from my Aunt Susie's camera. I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't take any pictures. On the last day we were there, David and I went to the Jacksonville Landing and saw pelicans attack seagulls. Then David fixed my dad's car shifter and a chair, in addition to pulling out bushes a few days earlier. It was a productive vacation.

Kate and the tree.


Family picture.

Pic by the tree.

Me, Mom, Kate, and Grammy.

Christmas elves.



Jacksonville beach.

Hanging at the beach.

The joke is I fell down after setting the camera timer.

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