Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Newest Oregonian Article on Arrowhead

Girl Scouts take Camp Arrowhead off the auction block for now
Posted by The Oregonian October 29, 2007 19:28PM

Girl Scouts leaders took Camp Arrowhead off the auction block this evening, raising the possibility that the money-losing retreat in the Columbia River Gorge could avoid a sale.

The Columbia River Council board voted 11-7 to defer any possible sale to March 2008.

Between now and mid-February, a committee of board members and volunteers is expected to examine some formidable obstacles the camp faces if the Scouts ultimately are to retain it.

The 263-acre property had been destined for a Nov. 14 auction with a minimum bid of nearly $2.4 million. But several camp volunteers protested the auction at an Oct. 18 board meeting, leading to tonight's discussion and decision.

The board approved the sale in August after hearing that the site needed about $3 million in repairs and improvements, including an estimated $750,000 to replace a defective water system and $420,000 to build a new swimming pool.

Board chairwoman Christine Core made clear that the board's action tonight does not grant a permanent reprieve to the property near Stevenson, Wash. In addition to its capital needs, the camp loses money in day-to-day spending, she said.

-- Allan Brettman

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