Friday, September 28, 2007

My Ears Are Still Ringing...

...but it's worth it! Last night, David and I went to the Smirnoff Music Center to see Alice In Chains and Velvet Revolver. We got a late start. Between driving to his work, getting something to eat, and getting to the show I was in the car for 2 hours! Surprisingly, there was a bunch of parking spaces available in the $15 lot. We didn't even have to search. We got there halfway through the opening act, Sparta, and got a great spot on the lawn. I guess you could say we were front row the front row was in the back. I brought the Neat Sheet and my high school blanket. The weather was perfect. We took off our shoes and just laid there waiting for the show to start. Alice in Chains was first. We saw them a year ago at Nokia. They were just as good, but didn't get to play as long. During "Drug of Choice" David was convinced the new singer, William DuVall, forgot the words. I think his mic went out. The sounds was kinda raspy the whole time. And the jumbo tron was fuzzy. At the end Jerry Cantrell introduced his dad, Rooster, and that was the song they ended with. Velvet Revolver was up next. The first time I saw them, after their 1st album, I was excited to hear Velvet Revolver songs. This time I really wanted to hear Stone Temple Pilot and Guns 'N Roses songs. They had a nice mix, but I didn't know any of the new songs. They don't get played on the radio here in Dallas anymore. They played, "Patience," "Sex Type Thing," "Interstate Love Song," "Mr. Brownstone," "Vaseline," and another GNR song that I didn't know. We stayed until the very end. Tommy Lee from Motley Crue came out for the encore. It's not as cool as it sounds. He played the drums for like a minute and he had his head down the whole time. I wouldn't have known it was him if Scott Weiland wouldn't have said something. We had no problem getting out the parking lot. It was amazing. I got in bed at 12:30 AM and had to wake up for work at 3:45 AM. I still can't hear much. And I am covered in bug bites from sitting on the grass. But it was a great show and it was worth every penny! So, David and Sara's Summer Music Tour ends here. Hopefully, we will have a good run in the Fall. Rob Zombie, Dandy Warhols, and maybe Jimmy Eat World.

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