Monday, August 27, 2007

Talk About Double Trouble...

Coffy and Aubrie had their birthday parties together this year. Coffy's is 8/19 and Aubrie's is 8/27. How convenient! I invited everyone over to my house first for some drinks, but no one took me up on that offer. Which turned out to be a good thing. We originally were going to Obzeet for martinis, but we end up at Gloria's Mexican Restaurant. They have these Meltdown Margaritas that are so good. And you can't have just one! We went on Sunday because Jodi had a baby sitter. Amy and Steve joined us, and Stephanie came later. It wasn't a wild and crazy party, but the margaritas and shots were flowing! And with every drink, we all reminded each other that we had to work tomorrow and no one wanted to be the one that called in sick. The food was good, but I could have used some more rice. David left halfway through to go pick up a transmission from a friend. I went home with Stephanie. Then David was going to meet us at Stephanie's new apartment and move her TV for her. I think I was a 100 inch TV. It was huge! David showed up quickly so there was no time for more drinks. Another good thing, because Stephanie had some Everclear. We left at about 10 PM and when I got home, I hit the bed hard. David said I fell asleep width wise on the bed. He didn't bother to move me. When I woke up, I realized I still had my contacts in! I have never skipped taking my contacts out. I texted messaged Coffy that I was too hung over to come to work. (Just as a joke.) She said that Jodi had to leave work early! What a bunch of drunks! That is the sign of a good party.
Another toast.

You tell it, Jodi!

David and Stephanie.

Drink aplenty.

Hilarious! Or so I thought.

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