Monday, June 25, 2007

Washington Trip Days 1 - 4: Vancouver & Portland

I took so many pictures on this trip, I am going to blog it in stages. The 1st 4 days we were in the Portland/Vancouver area. We stayed with my friend, Ebi, in Vancouver. After a long day of travel, the first night we ate dinner with some people from my high school, Andy Stefik, Adam Tyburski, and Dan Stortz. Saturday was the reunion at Lewisville Park in Battle Ground. That happened to be the same park I went to Camp Julianna at in 1991 & 1992. They closed it down after that. I was great seeing everyone again. There were so many people there that I had lost contact with. Mostly my fault. I think a lot of people didn't show because of the weather. It rained off and on. If you are out there, I am looking for Julie Dang, Carlos Ortega, and Amy Barrett. Those are some of the people who didn't make it to the reunion and I would like see again. After the reunion, we had time to tour my old stomping grounds. We went to all 3 of my school and my old house. Everything has changed so much, even from when I was home last in April 2006. That night we ate dinner with a few friends from Camp Arrowhead, Brier and Kirsten Kelly. I am glad we have been able to stay in contact for so long. Especially since all of us are from different parts of the area. Sunday, Ebi, David, and I climbed Wind Mountain in Stevenson. David was not happy about it. It was much harder than in was 7 years ago. The weather didn't cooperate with us either. I really wanted to break in to Camp Arrowhead since it is closed this year. But, I had heard they were renting out. We tried anyway. We went in the back entrance and immediately saw a troop camping. So, we went the other direction to the pool. After that, we chickened out and tried to go through the front way. But, the ranger wasn't home and he has a BIG dog. So, that was the end of that. David and I met up with my sister that night. We ended up at the Gay Pride Festival on accident. Then we made our way to the Saturday Market. David was amazed by all the freaks and bums that were in the city. My sister assured him that was normal. Monday, we didn't have anything planned. So, we slept in and visited some junk yards. David found the perfect piece for his friend's 4x4 laying on the ground. And it was great price too! Other than that, the Portland area junk yards have nothing on Dallas ones. We had lunch with my best friend from high school, Jonathan, and saw his parent's new house. We we delivered my sister's birthday present and played Wii bowling. Then, we head back to Ebi's to get ready for the next leg of our trip.

David and I at the Columbia River.

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