Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 6: Seattle, WA

After leaving Ellensburg, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. When we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the Evergreen Academy school bus. I used to work there before I moved to Texas. We actually saw the camp at the top of the falls, but I didn't know any of the kids or staff. Still we loved climbing up and down hills so up, we hiked to the bottom of the falls. I had never been down there. It was nice view. On the way back to the freeway, we found some historic trains on the side of the road. We got out and walked around and David talked engines with one of the employees. We actually got to go in one, until they kicked us out. Then back on the road. We got lost when we got to Seattle. My Mapquest directions led us to a residential neighborhood in White Center instead of the hotel in Tukwila. After we found our hotel, we took a nap that was longer than what we wanted to. Because by the time we caught the monorail in downtown Seattle, most things were closed. Pike Public Market had already packed up. We ate at Ivar's on the pier and watched the sunset. We took a few pictures and left. Nothing too exciting on this day, but you gotta stop at all the tourist areas.
Pike's Public Market

Sunset on the Pudget Sound.

Space Needle at night.

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