Friday, March 09, 2007

You Gotta Love This Game!

Last night was our first softball game of the Spring season. The Thursday night team is in the Co Ed AA league. It is one step up in competition from what we usually play. I was nervous because I assumed these other teams mean business. We played a team called Johnson Turf. Their t-shirts were last year's Fall Season Championship shirts with numbers on the back. Very clever. We held them at 1 - 1 for the whole game until the last inning where they scored 5 runs. It was a great defensive game. I had a wonderful play at home where the runner ran to the wrong base and I said, "she's out!" Good times. I made it on base once with a fielder's choice. The thing that really mad be mad at the game, though, was one female play threw her bat at me 3 times. Not on purpse, but because she didn't know any better. That is not the kind of player I thought would be in Co Ed AA. The first time it hit the ground next to me and just scared me. The second time it hit across my body, but didn't hurt. The third time it hit me right on the big toe. It hurt so bad. I think my messed up nail protected my toe though. And the ump didn't called her out. I actually said something to him about it too. But it didn't do any good. When umpires make up their mind there is no changing it. Arguing is pointless.

Next week, we play on Tuesday in the Co Ed A league on Field 7. We play Freak Show. Technically, in the past, they have beaten us twice. One time was because of a forfeit. But we beat them in a scrimmage. I remember them being a fun team. Come watch!

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