Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Parents Visit

Well, I didn't take that many pictures this time around. My parents came to visit for St. Patrick's Day. They came last Thursday night. On Friday, we played golf at Pecan Hollow in Plano. It was a little windy. I started off bad, like usual. But I ended up with a score of 138, which is good for me. My mom must have been having a bad day because she only beat me by 15. I was so tired after that. WE watched this movie mom wanted to see and went to bed. Friday, David took us on a whirlwind tour of the metroplex. He knows of lots of random places. We saw a religious artifacts exhibit called From Abraham to Jesus at Fair Park. Then we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and saw a parade and looked around. All the horses were dressed up in green and there was drunk people everywhere! We ended up at Cabela's, a huge outdoor store. They have an aquarium and animal scenes. The fishing section was huge. Too bad I don't really have a use for that. Sunday, we went shopping at Grapevine Mills Mall. One lap around that place will make you exhausted. We saw the movie Wild Hogs that night starring John Travolta and Tim Allen. I would say it was not their best work... That night we played 90's Trivia Pursuit and mom won, like usual. I was close. Dad was real close. But since he didn't know how to pronounce Duchovny, he lost. That night Scully popped my air mattress and I woke up at 2 AM on the floor. I couldn't get bad to sleep after that. Thanks for nothing. They left Monday morning. It was a really fun and active visit. I am glad they got to meet David.

At Pecan Hollow Golf Course.

Mom and Tall Tex in Fort Worth

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