Monday, March 05, 2007

Camping Weekend

We really needed a weekend away from all the job(s) craziness that has been happening lately. I haven't been camping since 2004, I think. So, David suggested we finally go to Turner Falls, Oklahoma. He has been talking about this place every since we meet. We left around 5 PM on Friday and got there after dark. I thought we were the only people there. We set up camp in a remote area by a babbling brook. We had go offroading to get there. Not too much, but enough to make me scream every time we hit a bump. I was so cold that night. I just could not get my toes warm. And it is hard to get into the fetal position in a mummy bag. We had to switch sleeping bags at 2 AM. We woke up early on Saturday. David made breakfast. I think it was about 32 degrees when we got up. Washing my hands to put my contacts in was very painful. Then we went on a hike around the park. There is a 77 foot waterfall and many trails. There are a few caves, but I think we only saw one. There was a stone castle that was built in 1930. David wanted to go creek walking, but at that temperature if I got wet, I think it would be over for me. After lunch, we decided to go into town get a few things we forgot. We went to the Ardmore Wal-Mart. We followed a van of inmates there. Good times. I wondered why they were all dressed the same and staring at us. Some billboards in town said it was 45 degrees. When we got back, we blazed an easier trail for the truck to take us across the creek. I am not that great with a machete. Then we went on another hike up an old road. At the top was a clearing with a giant cross made out of rocks. We found a jaw to a coyote. Creepy. For dinner, we made Hobo Stew and hamburgers. When we couldn't find the buns, David concluded crows had flown off with them. Because he had never had a problem with critters. That would have been a funny sight. David had his first s'more that night. I don't think he was impressed. That night I went through the normal nighttime in the woods paranoia. It didn't help that the toads laughed like The Joker. At 3 AM, I woke up to David yelling, "Boo!" and clapping his hands really loud. Turns out there was raccoons getting into our stuff. They left a little paw print on our paper towels. I guess that is what happened to the hamburger buns. It was below freezing when we woke up. After breakfast, we cleaned up and left. It was kind of a bummer to get back to civilization. It was a great trip though. Just what I needed!
Brighter ledge picture.

I thought this one was artsy.

I really don't remember where this one was taken, but it doesn't make me any less cute.

Chilly Willy.

Nice teeth.

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