Monday, January 29, 2007

Lifeguarding Part Uno

This weekend, I started my lifeguard training. The last time I did this class it was very different. I took it when I was 15 years old at Camp Arrowhead in Stevenson, WA. It was in an outdoor pool. I think it was 50 degrees in the water and 55 degrees on land. I was so cold. This time, it really makes me realize that I am not a spring chicken anymore. My class is full of sophomores and juniors in high school. They are all sweet kids and they can out swim me any day. Treading water gets tiring after a while. And swimming with that 10 pound brick is not as easy as I thought. There are a lot of rescues that have changed and CPR-PR has changed like 4 times since I did it. When I first took this class, AEDs were not even invented!

Ever since the Carpenter Park Recreation Center bond initiative passed in late 2005, I have been bugging Cindy to let me take it. I figured if we get a pool, which we will in 2008, we we will all need to get certified anyway. Things just didn't work out until now. So in the mean time, hopefully, I will be able to quit Blockbuster and get a part-time job lifeguarding. I never want to let this certification lapse again.

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