Friday, December 29, 2006

Caribbean Cruise Part Deux

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for! My long winded account of the cruise. It took about 5 hours to get from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale. The van was packed! I broguht 2 suitcases because I knew I would be taking a lot home. Princess Cruises made it very difficult to get on the boat, but once we were on everything was okay. And the food was not that great. We met up with all 33 members of the party at dinner that night. Then we had 2 days at sea to get to St. Martin. During those days we probably did everything available on the boat. We ate a lot, drank a lot, swam, watched movies, went to shows, played volleyball, gambled, and attempted to karaoke 3 times. Everywhere we went we had to save like 20 seats. The Bridal Tea was the first day at sea. It was very nice. We played games and had scones. Kate and I almost won one. St. Martin was nice. We went on a little boat ride to the French side, then took a bus back. Then, I went in the water. That night was the Bachelorette Party. Venessa's friends found some random guy on the boat to be the stripper. He wore a G-string with dog ears! Eeek! St. Thomas was the next day. We took a little bus tour to Magen Bay and Blackbeard's Castle. Magen Bay is supposed to be one of the world's best beaches. It's a great beach, now if they could only update the bathrooms... We did some shopping and ran into Dr. Ruth on the street. I was so tired when we got back. The next day, we had a sea day. It was Wedding Day! The ceremony was very nice. It was on the tail fin. They blocked it off, but people were watching and taking pictures. I thought that was cute. But the people in the game room didn't stop playing ping pong and that was a little annoying. The reception was in the Skywalker Lounge. All the speeches made every girl in my family cry. Especially Jenelle's! Then, of course, it was cheese ball and limbo time. Stacey always wins, but Kate came very close this time. Chelsea caught the bouquet. The last full day we spent at Princess Cays, Bahamas. I liked that the best. We went snorkeling and kayaked in a glass bottom boat. Even though I am afraid of fish, I really enjoyed snorkeling. We played Tug of War too. We tried to get the whole family on one team, but that would have made it too uneven. So, Uncle Drew and I were on the "other" team. We ended up winning and pulling the Assistant Cruise Director into the water. Our prize was a beer. That night, the groom's family hosted a dinner party were we ate everything on the menu. Seriously! We had one of everything. I thought I was going to throw up. And that was the end of the cruise. The next day we drove 5 hours back. It was a great idea for a family reunion.

The traditional cheese ball.

Princess Cays, Bahamas

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