Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween at Carpenter

This year, we got to wear Halloween costumes for the first time since I have worked at Carpenter Park. Since, I am always looking for an excuse to wear something different than the uniform, I offered to dress everyone up. But, they were creative and came up with their own costumes. Everyone but Jodi dressed up, so she got to be the photographer. I was a Princess. I wore my sophomore year Prom dress, tiara, and a feather boa. (I really wanted to base the outfit around the boa!) A patron asked me if I was a "shameless hussy." Thanks... Steve was Sponge Bob. He made a shirt that said Bob with sponges glued on it. Someone said he was Mr. Clean. Cindy was a cute little witch. John was a wizard with a full face mask. It creeped Coffy out all day. Coffy was a doctor with comfortable scrubs. Dick had to leave early, but he was Bill Parcells. Everyone's favorite coach! Since we all kept it "appropriate" I hope we can do it again next year. Thanks Collette!
Strike a pose.

Extreme closeup.

So cute.

The cutest little witch.

I'll put a spell on you!

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