Saturday, July 15, 2006

Par For The Course...Kinda

Coffy and I went to The Practice Tee in Richardson last Wednesday to play golf. It was my bright idea to go at 3 PM because we both got off early. It was like 100 degrees. I was smart this time and put on sunscreen and brought 2 frozen water bottles. It was a Par 3 course, the long hole was 179 yards. We are in Stage 3 Water Restrictions here, so the could only water the greens. You can tell in the pictures. A crack in the soil swallowed one of my balls. I did pretty okay after the first 2 holes. But I started thinking I was going to pass out at about hole 7. I was seeing spots and everything. Coffy got a par on the last hole. The total score was Coffy 47, Sara 50.

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