Monday, May 29, 2006

White Linen Party

Our monthly outing for May was to a "White Linen Party" at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Downtown Dallas. We met at my house, then Dorian's, to get ready and watch a little bit of Old School. ("You're my boy, Blue!") Aubrie and I took a shot that I read about on the internet call "Nasty Bitch." It was so horrible, I was almost sick. We drove down in two cars and parked on the street. Which was free, hooray, because that parking garage can get expensive. There were a lot of people there. Everyone looks so nice, but not everyone was wearing white. Richard wore a white shirt with pink stripes and black pants. What a party pooper! The line for drinks was so long, we didn't bother. Dorian immediately started dancing, like usual. There was no one for him to battle this time, though. The DJ was really good, even though I don't really like that kind of music. The crowd loved him. After we got our fill of dancing with strange people, we called it a night. What is in store for next month...

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