Friday, May 26, 2006

Safety Cup Series 2006

This year the City Employee Olympics had a race car theme. They like to throw in a safety talk at every event so they called it the Safety Cup Series. This year they stretched it out to the whole month of May. I was the team captain, jsut because I was last year. We got 9th place last year and Steve wasn't too happy, so we decided to go and win it this year. We got close. Ken, Steve, Paul, Jason, and I did the bowling event. I got a personal high score for a first game, 121. Our team, the Rec'N Crew, came in 4th for that event. The next week there was Trivia, Cup stacking, and Backhoe competitions. We placed in all those. After that was Golf Chipping, Swimming, Bolf (ball toss), and Blower Pack Relay. With the lifeguards on or team, you know we won the swimming relay. But the catch with these competitions is you can never win the whole thing if you don't get someone to do the Talent Show. The make the points for that competition higher. So Steve and Coffy went to work on Cindy early in the month. They convinced her and 3 people from her tap class to do their dance. They tapped to "One Singular Sensation." They did great, they were the finale of the show. However, we were robbed and they gave us 4th place int he Talent Show. Which gave us 2nd place overall behind Equipment Services. Their team name was 3 peat, I think they won 3 years in a row. But that's better that 9th!

The Talent Show and BBQ was at Oak Point Amphitheater. That is a great location, but there is no shade anywhere. You should have seen how sweaty we were when we returned to work. I got a wicked sunburn on the tops of my feet and my toes. They were giving away umbrella hats, but you actually had to stand in line for them. No thank you.

Anyway, the competition was much more fun this year. I can't wait until next year. We're coming for you, Equipment Services!

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stephanie said...

I am now a Speed Stacking pro! Whoohoo!