Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Phantom and The Wedding

Last weekend I had 2 engagements that required my attention. I had tickets to the Phantom of the Opera at Music Hall in Fair Park. I have always wanted to see it. I had 2 tickets and I didn't know who I should take. I bought the tickets about 6 months ago. The more I thought about it, the obvious choice was Dorian! I think he sings the songs in his sleep. He promised me he would only hum the songs if I took him. The air conditioner just broke on my car so we went back and forth on who should drive. I drove even though it was like driving a sauna. We had a delicious dinner of Whataburger. Our seats were pretty good. We sat on the first floor, stage right. There were a few times when it was hard to see the actors, but you could get the gist. There were a few sound problems too, but most of it was spectacular. There were explosions and great sets and costumes. The Phantom theme instills the same fear in me as the Darth Vader theme. The music and singing was so great. I need to rent the movie now and sill in the plot holes. I can't figure out why Christine kept going back to the Phantom when she didn't like him. And why did she keep ripping off his mask?

Afterwards, we went to Mereena's wedding reception at the Adam's Mark hotel in downtown Dallas. We got there about 11 PM. They had just finished cutting the cake. It was the same white chocolate and raspberry Panini cake from her shower. It was so good Dorian made me go back up on the stage and cut him another piece! The dance floor was hot when we got there. People of all ages were getting down to some Indian dance music. When the DJ played Usher, right before we left, the floor cleared. Dorian wouldn't get up and "drop it like it's hot." So sad. Anyway, Mereena and Viren looked so good! Mereena had a hot pink dress on with a lot of blue beading. Misti, who was a bridesmaid, had a pink dress with beads too and a really pretty necklace. We stayed for about an hour.

On the way home, we saw a shooting star while we were stuck in traffic. What a magical night!

Dorian and Misti at the reception.

Misti and I at the reception.

Viren, Mereena, and Misti on the stage.

Mr. and Mrs. Viren Parikh!

Dorian and I in the parking lot of Musical Hall.

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